Latin music elements presence in the egyptian songs by Mohamed Abd al-Wahab and Farid el-Atrach through three analysis

Author : Bacim Mejri | Ph-D Asistant teacher. University of Gafsa, Higher Institute of Arts and Crafts.

Abstract :

In this article, we tried to highlight three genres of latin genres (tango, rumba and  samba) influence on the modern egyptian music in the 20th century. We choose to analyze three works : “Ahwak“ and “Sahirtou minhou al-layali“ by Mohamed Abd al-Wahab and “Wayyak“ by Farid al-Atrach. We worked with graphics, spectral forms and transcriptions to analyse melodic and rhythmic variations of these three works.

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  • To cite this article : Mejri, Bacim, 2016 : « Présence d’éléments de musique latino-américaine dans la chanson égyptienne de Mohamed Abd al-Wahab et de Farid al-Atrach. Analyse de trois œuvres », CTUPM,
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