Who are we ?

The Tunisian Center of Musicological Publication (CTUPM) was created on may 2015. It is an initiative of 3 tunisian musicologysts and researchers at the university of Tunis, Higher Institute of Music (ISM) :

  • Samir Becha, Professor, Director of the Center and General coordinator ;
  • Anis Meddeb, Ph-D Lecturer HDR, scientific coordinator ;
  • Hamdi Makhlouf, Ph-D Lecturer, scientific coordinator.

The CTUPM is a scientific structure which aims to introduce new musicological publication ways in Tunisia. All articles published in this site are rigorously reviewed and validated by the center’s scientific committee. This website allows researchers to integrate multimedia tools into their articles.

The main objective of CTUPM is the promotion of musicology in Tunisia and toward the world. Academic works, individual or collective field researches as well as acts of musicological conferences organized by laboratories, research units or any organization working for musicology, may be published in this site. One of the objectives of the Tunisian Center of Musicological publication is to promote Tunisian research. The center encourages musicologists to publish their articles and benefit from digital technologies. It encourages scientific research using rigorous and conventional standards.

All the content of this site (text, photos, figures, audio and video files, etc.) specific to article’s authors will be under wright, reserved by the Tunisian Agency of Authors Rights (OTDAV) under the reference : OTDAV 105-01-12-05-2015.