The mizwid in Tunisia : a well-known musical instrument


Author : Rachid Cherif | Lecturer & ethnomusicologist, University of  Sousse, Higher Institute of Music (ISMSO).

Abstract :

Any authentic musical discourse tends to reinforce its belonging to its nation or to its ethnicity or to its culture. In other words, that this discourse cannot be authentic if it ignores its own cultural background, especially its tradition. In this context, we can consider the popular musical heritage of Tunisia as the outcome of its tradition which has contributed to the development of the musical memory and or to the repertory of the country. The article focuses on the study of the “mizwid”, the emblem of popular music in Tunisia. In terms of methodology, we present the “mizwid” as a musical instrument which has its own rules and highlight its importance in the domain of popular music in Tunisia.

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Author: Rachid Cherif

Rachid Cherif. Ph-D in ethnomusicology, lecturer, University of Sousse, Higher Institute of Music