Semantic of transcription signs of tunisian tubû’ : Study for tbâ’ dhil and his modal notes

Author : Khaled Jmel | Ph-D Lecturer in Music and Musicology, University of Sfax, Higher Institute of Music.

Abstract :

In this article, we tackle one of the problems which arise in the theory of musical intervals of Tunisian tubû’ : How to signify modal notes by semantic signs which translate them theoretically ? For that, we tried to elucidate in this writing the theoretical models of tbâ dhil which knew several of distinct hypotheses to determine the signs of these modal notes. On the other hand, we focused through a semiological perspective, to treat the signification of alteration “half flat”, given that is the most common sign in theory musical scales of Tunisian tbûs. In addition, we have evoked in this article the duality between linguistics and music by relating a few linguistic concepts which can us to determine the semantic dimension of the signs of Arab musical alterations.

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Author: Khaled Jmel

Khaled Jmel. Ph-D Lecturer in the Higher Institute of Music of Sfax.