The mizwid in Tunisia : a well-known musical instrument

Author : Rachid Cherif. Any authentic musical discourse tends to reinforce its belonging to its nation or to its ethnic or to its culture. In other words, that discourse cannot be authentic if it ignores its own cultural background especially its tradition.


Translation experience, a classical work about Tunisian music : Al-aghânî of Sadok Errezgui

Author : Mohamed Messaoud Driss. The historical value of “Al-Aghani” book, written by Sadok Errezgui, and its content, encouraged the author (Mohamed Messaoud Driss) to achieve the current translation. Indeed, this book is considered today as the only reference to the music and songs in Tunisia. The author tried to recall the interest of the book “Al-Aghani” by the necessity and legitimacy of its translation.